Affordable Care Act Planning

Benefit plan fiduciaries across the country know the world they live in has dramatically changed with the enactment of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. The PPACA imposes innumerable legal complications for employer sponsored health benefit plans. The San Diego law firm of Wolds VanderWal PC provides the experienced legal assistance that is essential to conforming with the mandates of the new law.

Our Services

Our lawyers consult with businesses and trade associations in evaluating health care law compliance issues created by the PPACA. In addition, we work with coalitions of employees in exploring health care delivery alternatives, such as benefit purchasing alliances.

In the wake of the sea change in health care law, we also work closely with our corporate and benefit plan clients to demystify the many new regulations and propose compliance strategies for our benefit plan clients, including:

  • Evaluating regulatory impact on employers and plan participants
  • Educating plan sponsors and fiduciaries
  • Building effective compliance strategies for fiduciaries
  • Clearly articulating benefit plan goals
  • Providing compliance assistance to multiple employer plans

Schedule a Consultation

Our PPACA planning attorneys accept appointments for initial consultations from potential clients throughout the State of California. To schedule a consultation, contact us by phone at (858) 458-9150 or through our online contact form.

All discussions between potential clients and Wolds VanderWal remain entirely confidential.